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July 28, 2020 Life, Work 0 Comments

How are you all doing?

We are well into lockdown now and I’m sure you have started to get into new routines, some of which are adding joy and a sense of accomplishment to your life. I’m thinking of my clients who have discovered the fun in baking and are even making their own bread. I’m also thinking of the exercise routines that are so freely available online and the fact that we can pretty much organise our days as we want. I am also noticing my clients signing up for online course in subjects that have always fascinated them or are something they’ve always wanted to do like learn a language, all this now we have more time available. These are all amazing developments of the lockdown that are having a positive influence in our lives.

What about after lockdown? Have you thought about how you want your life to be? We now have more space to step back a little and enjoy thinking time about what we want to take forward, how we want to use our precious time once we are back, full on in the outside world again.

One thing I am sure that has impacted you is how slower doesn’t been less, not less efficient, not less productive, definitely not less fun. A slower pace actually allows us to achieve everything we want while ensuring that we are not stressed or overwhelmed but instead nicely in charge. This is one of the important discoveries I have made and I fully intend make sure that slow and steady wins the race in my life in the future.

In London the pace of living is fast and often very frenetic not giving us any chance to step back and think bigger picture about our lives, as we are just too busy simply trying to keep up. Here in lockdown we are granted a slower pace and an opportunity to really think about our lives and how we want them to be when we return. What are our life priorities, have they changed now that you have had time to assess our life so far? This is so important, we have a chance to reflect back on our hopes and dreams, the ones we had growing up and to truthfully reflect if we are honouring any of them in our lives today.

What I have noticed with many of my clients is the rediscovery of the importance of family and friends. You know the love stuff that unites us as human beings and more often than not, gets pushed aside in the rush to comply with all our other commitments. As human beings the interaction between us and the bonds we forge are what makes life special and gives it meaning. How do you want to make sure that this priority is honoured once you’re back in the rat race again?

Another life priority may well be your health. Eating well like most of us are doing now, as we are not grabbing sandwiches on the run, and cooking more at home which is having a positive effect on our overall health. As are the walks, cycling and the online fitness classes we are now doing. How to keep this going, you may well ask, once I get launched back into my old life again? The answer is by making it a priority, mindfully allocating time to it and making choices that will impact your life for the better.

Time spent thinking about our lives in general and deciding what we want to prioritise and where we want to put our focus in the future is very empowering. It will mean that you come out of this lockdown with a stronger sense of what is important to you and ensure you find ways of integrating these positives into your life.

A fulfilling life is one of expansion, growing and developing and becoming more and more aware of what you cherish and also most importantly taking steps to create this life you want. Most people allow life to happen to them, living it reactively and just reacting to people and situations as they occur. However an empowered life is one where you become proactive and make the choices of how you want your life to be. During this time of isolation you have the amazing opportunity to take charge of your life again, to decide what is important to you and ensure that your life reflects this by making decisions and taking action accordingly.

More than likely we will never have an opportunity like this one again to take stock and reflect on our lives so far and, most importantly, check in with ourselves about what is really important to us at a deeper level. To live a life that when we are in our 80’s we can look back and say in all honestly that our life really was a life well-lived.

How amazing is that!

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