Spring Clean Your Life!

May 4, 2023 Life 0 Comments

Spring Clean Your Life!

So it’s that time of year again when we are moving from a long winter into a bright spring. A time to stretch, pack away the woolies and have a look around at our life as we emerge from under the covers. What an excellent time to have a bit of an emotional spring clean, get rid of the dead wood and start this season feeling lighter, positive and ready for anything.

In this article I’m going to suggest 3 steps you can take to spring clean your life and get off to the best start. To be ready for the fabulous!

My first suggestion is to learn something new. We all have these ideas of things we’d like to try, whether it be fell walking, learning a language, salsa, or something more hands on like pottery. You know things that you tell yourself you’ll get round to sometime but actually are still there on your ‘I’d like to do list’. Well, starting something new, learning a new skill, carving time out for yourself, is very good for our emotional and psychological well being. It gives us a renewed sense of purpose and moves us away from the same old, same old. Starting something new will give our lives a breath of fresh air and charge us up with new energy, what’s not to love.

My second suggestion is to give your social media a refresh, a digital cleanse if you will. There will be people that you are following whose posts just don’t make you feel good. Do you start comparing yourself to them? Start to think that their life looks amazing and yours is found seriously lacking in comparison? Firstly it’s important to remember that social media is a person’s showreel and behind the scenes it can be very different. If there’s anything that my many years of coaching has taught me is that however successful and amazing a persons life may appear, everyone has challenges, yes, that’s everyone! So when you come to doing a digital cleanse ask your self how does a person’s post make you feel? And if the answer is worse, not good enough, lacking in some way, delete, delete, delete! We deserve to have positive influences in our lives and surround ourselves with energy that lift us up, so go on let’s get rid of the negative vibes and let’s start to feel good about ourselves instead!

My third suggestion is to buy an alarm clock. Why you may ask, I have a phone which works just as well, but this is the very core of the problem. Research has shown that scrolling on your phone before you go to sleep has a negative impact on both the quality of your sleep and your stress levels. Whatever you are looking at, basically absorbing, before you shut your eyes at night, you take into your sleep and your subconscious works on it overnight. If you are checking work emails, worrying about work or simply scrolling on your social media, you are preparing  your subconscious for its night’s work. It is of paramount importance that we properly disconnect from all our screens at least 30 minutes before sleep. Can you imagine how it will transform your life if you read before sleep, listen to music, focus on what you love about your life and dream about the positive changes you’d love to make. Then the subconscious will have something positive to work on overnight, and you will have hours of healthy sleep where you can return to yourself completely, disconnected from the world. Bliss.

These are 3 quite simple changes that will have a very positive impact on your emotional well being and therefore become a positive force in your life. I am always encouraging my clients to allow time for reflection, to take a moment to step back and think about what is going well in their life but also what they would like to change. Small steps.

Time for a spring clean? What do you think?

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