My Single Valentine

February 13, 2019 Life, Relationships 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day is upon us and for single people it can be a challenging time, an ever present reaffirming of our single state, swimming against the tide of loved up couples.

Allow me to put the cat amongst the pigeons here and talk about the positives of being single…

The idea that single life has a lot to offer and can be a deliberate choice is rarely considered. Why is that, I often wonder? Is it because a society with too many single people would unbalance the boat, bring into question the ‘why’ of relationships? Could it also rock the foundations regarding remaining in relationships that are well past their expiration date? Healthy debate and a reexamination of our beliefs and behaviours is important, and this is true of relationships, too. What are the benefits and how should they make us feel? When is it time to throw in the towel and when is the time to stay and make it work?

In my opinion, a relationship needs to add something to your life, to be an opportunity to give love and the two together become greater than the separate parts. However, my observation is that for some people a relationship is in actuality a refuge from living life to their full potential, settling for less than they could be, cocooned in their safety zones. When this is the case, the time has come to be brave and move on. We need to be loved and supported, not contained.

One of the beauties of being single is that we can unapologetically prioritise ourselves, spending our time and energy on what we enjoy and on what genuinely inspires us. Deciding to find the time to actually pursue what we want to do. It can be a precious time to reconnect, find ourselves again, and rediscover a life outside coupledom.

Being single is potentially a very fulfilling time for self-learning and an opportunity to enjoy a quality relationship with yourself. By dedicating time and energy to appreciating the positives of the single state, you will open up your world, leading to self-discovery and deeper self-knowledge. You can begin to clearly identify what you want and start making decisions for your future that stem from a deep sense of self-empowerment. This will ultimately give you a strong sense of fulfilment and purpose with which to fully embrace life.

This single stage can be full of opportunity, a chance to embrace the world with no relationship safety net and become proactive in a beautiful way.

I challenge you to make the empowering decision to truly explore everything that single life has to offer, and above all enjoy the journey.

Excerpts from my book Minx Up Your Life!

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