Testimonial: Lisa G

From our very first introduction, Carrie made me feel entirely at ease and welcome. She quickly was able to work with me to clearly identify what my needs were for seeking coaching and gave me huge reassurance and trust early on, that we could work well together to meet those needs.

Carrie helped me to declutter my thoughts and allow me to focus on what was really important to me, not to others, to give me tools to assist me in finding peace amongst chaos. The overwhelming sincere support, encouragement and commitment she gave me was a constant thread amongst our time together. Each interaction whilst aimed at my overall goals for seeking coaching, were tailored to the events of the day or week and I found that I started to utilise her expertise for both business & personal -related stress.

For anyone seeking to grow as a person, wanting to be able to adapt the constant changes in life in a positive way and who desires to lead a more-fulfilling life starting right now, Carrie is the right coach for you.

- Lisa G

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