Testimonial: Hayley Driscoll

I have had the privilege working with Carrie Brooks for the past few months and I am honoured to sing her praises. With Carrie's open heart and intuitive nature she was able to work with me to find solid solutions in what was my usual problem derived nature.

Every week we worked together on making goals that were positive and achievable so I could keep building towards my true path.

Without judgment she could see how I was blocking myself to my fullest potential and helped me to make choices that I came up with myself. Since working with Carrie, my career has taken a different path and I can say in all honesty I am liking myself more than I ever have.

Through her guidance I am now choosing to live my life in a more positive, authentic way and I am now focusing on a new career that is good for my soul.

My relationships are better and I am more open to saying yes. Carrie you are a blessing.

- Hayley Driscoll

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