The Weekender 5th October 2018

Delighted to have been interviewed for the launch of my book Minx Up Your Life! by the Weekender.

What do you get when you combine the insights of a professional life coach with the very human experience of being single, female and over 45? You get Minx Up Your Life! An inspirational call to action for single women over 45 to start embracing love, life and living for the moment. I deal with the challenges and issues that single, older women face in a positive, realistic and life enhancing way.

In this article I also share my views on the importance of coaching in assisting us to live fulfilling lives and what inspired me to leave my steady job and become a full time coach. A choice that I’ve never looked back on as I’m doing work that I’m passionate about and that gives me a wonderful feeling of job satisfaction, knowing that I’m making a positive difference to people’s lives.

All the single ladies! Greenwich author Carrie Brooks talks sex, singles and self esteem for over 40s

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