Expert Spot on Radio London

I was delighted to be speaking on Radio London on Saturday 29th May. I discussed the importance of developing and maintaining a resilient and strong mindset as an athlete. I am a coach who specialises in many areas of coaching including Leadership/Executive Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Confidence Coaching, the list goes on but added to this list has to be the Coaching I do with the athletes on my roster. In order to succeed as an athlete not only do you have to work on your technique, physical resilience and strength but also on your mindset. If you don’t believe you can win when you step on to football pitch or tennis court, then you will not play to your full potential. So getting an athlete’s mindset right is essential.

I also discussed breakups. It is very common and all of us have, by the time we reach a certain age, will have been through the heartache of a breakup. It is the loss of your best friend, your intimate partner the sharer of your future dreams and therefore an end of a relationship is driven by a deep sense of loss. You are in effect grieving and it is very important that you give yourself time to heal, otherwise you become one of the ‘walking wounded’ who bring all their emotional baggage and unresolved issues into the next relationships.

So quite a mixed back but I hope it made interesting and informative listening.

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