BBC Radio – 1st Jan 2017

Very early on New Years Day I was on Radio London talking about New Years resolutions and why so many people find it challenging to keep them going once the novelty has worn off. I’m a great believer that we do what we want to do and often we don’t follow through on something because deep down we don’t really want to do it.

Often resolutions are started due to a feeling of obligation, eg I should lose weight, I should get fit, I should give up smoking. This is why we may fail because the truth is that we simply don’t really want to do what we are forcing ourselves to do. We are incredibly powerful, once we set our mind on something there is nothing we cannot achieve, this happens when we are in alignment and truly honest with ourselves.

So with all resolutions the question to ask yourself is… ‘Is this something I really want to do for myself or am I doing this out of a sense of obligation?’ and honour your answer. This is the pathway to success. You need never not follow through with a resolution again if, whatever you set yourself, is something you really and truly want to do!

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