Why Internet Dating?

November 23, 2015 Life, Relationships 0 Comments


It may be surprising to read about a Life coach who is discussing the potential benefits of Internet dating but this is exactly what I propose to do. For me it’s all a question of opening up our lives to new opportunities. We have technology that allows us to expand our social circles, to network and dating is no different. Dating websites and apps offer a way of introducing people into our lives that we otherwise would never meet.

There is of course all the statistical information that let’s us know the 1 in 4 relationships now start on line and if you personally don’t know someone who has met their partner on line then I’m sure a friend of yours does.

Most people have concerns about launching themselves into the cyber world of on line dating. However as 80% of people in the UK know of someone who has or is currently a member of an Internet dating website, it has become a very acceptable and practical option if you want to give your dating life a boost.

The idea that you need to dedicate time to finding a partner is a strange concept to many people. When job hunting you would spend time preparing a good CV, scouring the internet for job opportunities and basically putting yourself on the map. It’s fair to say that sitting back and waiting for the world to come to you is not going to work, it’s all a question of being pro active.

Why should looking for a partner be any different? We have an abundance of Internet dating sites full of singles looking to meet new people. Preparing your profile is like writing a mini CV and by uploading it you are putting yourself on the dating map.

What about letting things happen naturally you may well ask? Bumping into a lovely stranger in the supermarket, a casual conversation in a coffee shop, of course, wonderful, if meeting your future partner happens this way. However being on a dating website doesn’t preclude this from happening, you could even argue that by being more in tune to potential dates you will attract more people to you…

There was a time when Internet dating was considered an act of desperation or at best the very last resort, however times and attitudes have seriously changed, it has become an accepted and successful way to open up your world and meet new people.

If you are single and have the view that all the best men/women have been taken, you’ve tried relationships and they didn’t work out or you’ve generally missed the boat. Maybe now is the time for a change of heart? There is Internet dating for all ages so it’s never too late to decide to make a positive choice, wake up your dating, to a life full of new possibilities.

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