What Can Coaching Offer me?

February 9, 2016 Coaching News, Life 1 Comment


Good question…What can coaching bring to your life? Why hire a coach?

I suppose the basic concept in coaching is about optimisation. Optimising your work life, have fulfilling relationships and living a life where you are expressing your full potential.

It is often difficult for us to see things clearly. So when decisions need to be made, they can cause stress and anxiety because we are in a state of confusion. A state of overwhelm. In order to make decisions that feel right for us, they need to come from a place of clarity so they are informed and properly thought through.

Coaching is all about gaining this insight. Reaching an understanding of our priorities and what is truly important to us. When this has been attained, we can make decisions about our life that feel right for us, are true to our values and start moving us forward in the direction that we want.

My coaching is all about becoming pro-active in our lives. We can find ourselves in a position where life is very much happening to us and we are simply reacting to the outside world. Very much like a train stuck in it’s tracks, being jolted from bumper to bumper. We do need to get off the train, stand on the platform, have a good look at our lives, where we’ve been but more importantly where we are now and where we want to go. Stepping back and having look at the bigger picture.

I believe being successful in life it’s very much about being able to look at the bigger picture. We can be caught up continuously zooming into the minutiae of our lives, reacting to people and situations as they pop up.

How often to we take step back and look at our life as a whole? Talking through this with a coach can bring a deeper understanding of what we want from our life. Where would we like to be a year from now?

What excites us?

What is our passion?

What do we truly care about?

My coaching offers a unique opportunity to discover what you want in life and how to go about achieving it. The practical working hand in hand with the aspirational.

Isn’t it time you start living the life you deserve?

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Anne Goodridge
Anne Goodridge

A great description of coaching, very clear and concise,