Lose a finger and have the perfect body….

January 8, 2015 Life 0 Comments

8906412Would you be prepared to lose a finger in order to have the perfect body?

Apparently according to a survey 1/5 of people would!

I was settling down to a nice Sunday breakfast listening to Radio London when this survey came up for discussion. I was speechless! Quite unusual for me.

What was never brought up in the discussion was the simple question of what is the perfect body? Is it the photoshopped size zero body of the fashion models? Is it the body of an athlete? Or Nigella?

We all have a different image of what we perceive to be the perfect body, this can be based on culture, age or sex. Which one is right and why? And more to the point is there such a thing as a perfect body? To me a great body is one that is strong, fit and healthy, one that allows you to do what you want in life. If you want to go fell walking, run for a bus or jump on a bike, you can! Feeling good!

Surely at a root of this body dissatisfaction is a lack of self esteem? If you value yourself then you like your body, it is part of you after all. Isn’t not liking your body just a magnification of not liking yourself. Isn’t this the issue?

We need to be spending time understanding why we don’t like ourselves and what we are prepared to do to change this. The change needs to come from within.

Get the self esteem and self appreciation flowing and the rest just slots into place. You will want eat good food and exercise simply because you believe you deserve it.

Let’s get working on ourselves in a positive way to develop a deeper understating of what is holding us back from being the person we want to be, inside and out. This will be progress not walking around minus a finger!

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