Boring Old Routine

May 17, 2016 Life 0 Comments

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I’d like to take you back to this morning, a beautiful sunny day and it came to the time to walk my dog Delilah.We are blessed to live nearby to beautiful, ancient woodland and we regularly go to our favourite place for our morning walk. We love it there and we have got into the routine of going to the same place everyday.

Just about to jump in the car to drive to our local woodland, when I bump into a neighbour, friendly neighbourly chat ensues which ends up with a suggestion to try a new walk nearby… Ok, I see this as fate intervening, so a change of plan and we drive over to Oxley Woods. New adventure…

We arrived in no time in beautiful woodland right on top of Shooters Hill where I’m told on a clear day you can see seven counties… Not bad for a Monday morning. As we started to walk I noticed that my dog was full of extra beans, literally behaving like she was a young pup. Dashing in and out of bushes, charging at any squirrels and wildlife that she came across (fortunately not catching anything!) Her energy was through the roof! I also noticed how much I was enjoying the new scenery and allowed myself to get quite lost for a while in a shady part of the woodland.

Eventually climbing up the huge hill at the top of the woodland, I arrived out of breath and buzzing to take a breather on the bench, poised perfectly to enjoy the view…

I started to reflect on how both myself and Delilah had so benefitted from changing our usual routine and it started me thinking about other regular routines that I mindlessly stick to, through sheer force of habit, and how many of them I just do on automatic pilot…

Time for a change I think, time to make a point of introducing new things, however simple in to my life…. Time for a change!

Delilah and I are off to somewhere new tomorrow exploring new landscapes and breaking that tired old routine!

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