Positivity and Work Culture

By bringing together my coaching, general management and business skills I have developed a unique package for businesses, incorporating the benefits of a structured talk and individual coaching sessions.

The talk centres around the importance of a positive work place highlighting the fact that the creation of a conducive work culture is the responsibility of every member of staff. It is very easy for most people to see their work place as a separate entity, separate from themselves, whereas once they are encouraged to see that they are their company and that every single person contributes to the company’s culture, businesses begin to change for the better.

Improved productivity and increased retention are greatly improved by the adoption of a positive working culture. My accessible and explanatory talk, followed up by individual coaching sessions has proved to be a positive step towards creating the work atmosphere and environment that we would all like to work in.

The package is made to fit around the individual needs of the business, bespoke and tailored to fit. Please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss what would work best for you.

Carrie Talking 1 copy

"Hiring Carrie Brooks was a great investment, she provided valuable wisdom to my team which inspired us to pull together as a group and start thinking BIG again." - Doren Gabriel, Managing Director at DG CORPORATE.